Excelling with Autism Obtaining Critical Mass Using Deliberate Practice

Excelling with Autism Obtaining Critical Mass Using Deliberate Practice by Brenda Smith Myles, Ruth Aspy, Kerry Mataya, & Hollis Shaffer (XED Myles 2018) Excelling with Autism: Obtaining Critical Mass Using Deliberate Practice introduces a new way to optimize the progress of learners with ASD. Reaching critical mass helps learners apply information in new ways spontaneous […]

Autism and Employment: Raising Your Child with Foundational Skills for the Future

 by Lisa Tews, MS, CCC-SLP & Diane Zajac, LMSW (XAT Tew 2018) This book was written to help parents raise their child with the foundational skills he or she will need for the future. If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

“why Didn’t They Just Say That?”

by Jennifer M. Schmidt, MEd (XCM Schmi 2018) “Let’s create a class instead of the typical social skills programs!” With this statement began the development of this innovative evidence-based curriculum for secondary students with ASD and their neurotypical (NT) peers. PEERspective is a complete curriculum that teaches high school students self-awareness, self-acceptance, relationship building, conflict […]

Planning Transitions for Young People with Special Needs and Disabilities

 by Dr. Alison Doyle (XAT Doyle 2017) This book is designed to support students with additional needs or disabilities from the age of 15 years upwards. This resource is divided into six skills units, providing parents, families, teachers and other professionals with resources for planning successful transitions from secondary school. The workbook helps students to […]

Enhancing Communication for Individuals with Autism

 by Howard Shane, Emily Laubscher, Ralf Schlosser, Holly Fadie, James Sorce, Jennifer Abramson, Suzanne Flynn, & Kara Corley (XCM Shane 2015) Visual Immersion System (VIS) is a practical, research-based intervention framework that taps into the strong visual processing skills many children on the spectrum have. You’ll learn how to use readily available resources—from photos and […]

Autism and Appropriate Touch

 by Abigail Werner James (XAT James 2015) This is a practical educational resource to help teach the social rules of touch and personal space to children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder with the aim of keeping them safe and helping them to understand what are appropriate interactions in family, educational and community situations. If […]