Welcome to the Illinois Neurodiversity Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Neurodiversity Initiative!

Our history and mission:

Illinois Neurodiversity Initiative (INI) is a developing program for admitted University of Illinois students on the spectrum or who identify with other neurodivergent conditions that affect academic and social performance. Conceptualization for the Illinois Neurodiversity Initiative began in 2018 when Microsoft approached the University of Illinois about the Lighthouse Accessibility Initiative. Building a pipeline of neurodivergent UIUC talent to the tech industry was one aspect of this effort.

The Illinois Neurodiversity Initiative aims to impact neurodivergent students from orientation through graduation to successful employment through academic, social, mental health, and job readiness support.

It is anticipated that this will become a fee-based service. Scholarships will be made available.


We are currently taking applications for incoming freshmen who have been admitted to the University of Illinois. We welcome students from all majors.