Managing with Asperger Syndrome

Managing with Asperger Syndrome by Malcolm Johnson (XAD Johns 2005) The author draws on his personal experiences to explain how elements such as the working environment, managing staff, group dynamics and office politics can have a profound influence on work performance. He provides useful examples and guidance on adapting to the workplace and coping with […]

Social Pragmatic Success for Asperger Syndrome

Social Pragmatic Success for Asperger Syndrome by Timothy P. Kowalski. XSS Kowal 2010 Not getting the results you want? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? Confused? This book is an easy, practical tool designed to assess and document strengths and weaknesses in social-pragmatic communication across settings. The author provides a comprehensive tutorial in establishing treatment […]

No More Victims

No More Victims by Dr. Jed BakerĀ  (XAS Baker 2013) The digital world offers a wonderful way to communicate and socialize with others. Yet, it is also rife with the dangers of being victimized emotionally, physically, and financially. Trusting individuals with autism spectrum disorders, who are oftentimes socially isolated, are especially vulnerable to online predators. […]