The Incredible 5-Point Scale

The Incredible 5-Point Scale (Buron & Curtis, 2003) is a simple strategy that involves breaking down behaviors into concrete parts in order to help an individual  more easily understand their own responses and feelings and ultimately learn to manage their behavior. This technique can be very effective with a wide range of individuals and can […]

All About the Number

This visual support is an interactive poster board that can be used to help individuals learn numbers.  It is typically used with numbers 1 through 20.  Facilitators use this board by selecting a number of focus.  They then explore the number with the individuals they are teaching by spelling it, counting it out, and figuring […]

Poster Sized Emotions Thermometer

This visual support is a large version of the emotions thermometer we carry in stock in the resource room, which is based off of “The incredible 5-Point Scale”.  The emotions thermometer helps individuals break down emotions into concrete parts to help them identify and better understand their feelings.  This is done by breaking down emotions […]

Match It-Emotions Edition

Match It-Emotions Edition Using visual representations of emotions, this book has children match the expression they see on the face on a card to the word for that emotion.  Kit comes with cards of cartoon faces expressing different emotions and velcro spots with labeled emotions to which a student matches them. If available, item can […]

Sort Clothing By Color or Type

Sort Clothing By Color or Type This learning aid focuses on categorizing clothing type and color.  This kit’s objectives include color comprehension, as well as ability to understand patterns.  The kit includes two folders with matching Velcro pieces to sort. If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

Morning and Bedtime Schedule

For this schedule, we weren’t quite sure which style would work best so we made it in two styles.  The morning schedule is currently set up so that as the kiddo finishes the task, he or she puts it picture card in the done pocket.  The bedtime schedule is currently set up so that the […]