A Thanksgiving Story

“A Thanksgiving Story” is one informative tool to help individuals understand what Thanksgiving is all about. This will help children to understand the traditions they are taking part in on Thanksgiving Day. To alleviate the high stress that can be associated with holidays, feel free to request a different social story, or other visual support […]

Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Behaviors in Different Settings

This visual support is a great tool for any individual who struggles with knowing how to behave in different places. The settings we include are: “At home…” “At the library…” “In class…” “At gym…” Also included, are different behaviors which are, or are not appropriate, in these different settings. The top portion is the “I can…” and […]

Tantrums Don’t Help Me Fix a Problem (Social Story)

Tantrums Don’t Help Me Fix a Problem is a social story created by TAP. This particular social story is written to help children understand why tantrums will not fix their problem. It also helps the child with positive ways to deal with their emotions, such as using their words, instead of throwing objects. Social stories […]

Is This Person My Friend and Friendship Tips

These visual supports are very useful for any individual needing extra help understanding the social skills related to making friends and keeping them as well. Individuals on the spectrum often have a difficult time determining social skills and cues that typically developing children learn more quickly.

Fisher Price Daily Routine

The Fisher Price Daily Routine is one of the most popular visual supports we offer. It is similar to the bedtime/morning routines, but this one can be utilized during the day or really any time! We can customize the PECS to an individual’s personal schedule. This example includes a pocket at the bottom to place […]

Halloween – Carving Pumpkins & Trick-or-Treating

Halloween can be a scary time for children… This visual support will enable individuals to participate in the Halloween festivities. There are two separate visual supports: one for carving pumpkins, and one for trick-or-treating! Visual supports are helpful because they can alleviate anxiety by preparing the child for what will happen next.

First, Then (Primero, Luego)

The “First, Then” item offers support for individuals who tend to be impatient or always looking to do the next activity, go to the next place, etc. This activity helps them to see that first they must do [activity/go someplace] then they can do what they want (or get some type of reward, such as free time). Helping […]

“Wait” Picture Support Board

Most children have difficulty waiting for something they want or that is motivating them. This difficulty is particularly difficult for children with autism and other developmental disorders. Pictures can be used to help children who are non-verbal or on the autism spectrum to communicate their wants and needs. The “Wait” picture support board uses 5 […]