All About the Number

This visual support is an interactive poster board that can be used to help individuals learn numbers.  It is typically used with numbers 1 through 20.  Facilitators use this board by selecting a number of focus.  They then explore the number with the individuals they are teaching by spelling it, counting it out, and figuring […]

Ready to Group

Ready to Group, part of the Ready to Learn series. A visual and interactive set of activities designed to teach students grouping.  Grouping is matching the correct number of objects to a number.  Ready to Group is the next step after Ready to Count.  The Ready to Learn series is designed to fade visual supports and […]

Transportation Counting Activity 1-10

Transportation Counting Activity 1-10 This activity focuses on number identification and word identification.  The goal is to match the written word to the numerical character.  Image icons of transportation are used as supports.  This activity includes ten Velcro cards with transportation images, written words, and numerical characters. If available, item can be checked out from […]