Morning and Bedtime Schedule

IMG_20130108_162248For this schedule, we weren’t quite sure which style would work best so we made it in two styles.  The morning schedule is currently set up so that as the kiddo finishes the task, he or she puts it picture card in the done pocket.  The bedtime schedule is currently set up so that the kiddo moves the picture card to the done column upon completion.  We set up the Velcro for both versions for both schedules that way the family can choose what works best.  We used Boardmaker for the pictures and laminated file folders as the backing.

Schedule Making Tip: Velcro Management

Match up both sides of the Velcro before affixing the picture card to the schedule.  This ensures it will line up correctly every time.  Also, make sure to have all the Velcro on the movable pictures be the same (either all soft or all scratchy).  That way if you need to move the order of the schedule around, you don’t have to worry about the Velcro not matching up.

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