Autism in Adolescents and Adults

Autism in Adolescents and Adults (Current Issues in Autism)  by Eric Schopler and Gary B. Mesibov. (XAT Schop 1983) The chapters were written by contributing authors who are distinguished experts in the field, and the book addresses a variety of issues pertaining to ASD in adolescents and adults. Topics include: an overview of ASD in […]

Asperger’s and Girls

Asperger’s and Girls  by Tony Attwood, Temple Grandin, Teresa Bolick, and Catherine Faherty. (XAS Attwo 2006) You find in this book up-to-date information for girls and woman with Asperger’s syndrome. It covers topics such as diagnoses, education, puberty, relationships, and careers. Experts in the field share practical advice for both caregivers and the women and […]

The Oasis Guide to Asperger’s

The Oasis Guide to Asperger’s  Patricia Romanowski Bashe, Barbara L. Kirby, Simon Baron-Cohen, and Tony Attwood. This book includes information on diagnosis, evaluation, medication, therapies, and social skill development. Pp. 486. If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

Just This Side of Normal

Just This Side of Normal: Glimpses Into Life with Autism  by Elizabeth K Gerlach. (XAB Gerla 1999) This comprehensive guide outlines basic facts, research information and effective treatment options for autism. Objectively written it contains extensive resource listings and suggested readings. Pp. 139. If available, this can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Solutions for Addressing Everyday Challenges by Lori Ernsperger Ph.D, Danielle Wendel, and Liane Holliday Willey. (XAB Ernsp 2007) The authors give a voice to girls under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders. They provide insightful first-hand accounts of girls’ lives along with research-based strategies and practical techniques for addressing the unique needs […]

A Strange World

A Strange World – Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome And Pdd-nos: A Guide For Parents, Partners, Professional Carers, And People With ASDS by Martine F. Delfos and Tony Attwood. (XAB Delfo 2005) This book is a comprehensive guide to autistic spectrum disorders presented from a scientific perspective. It offers practical advice on how to approach these problems from the various perspectives […]

The World of the Autistic Child: Understanding and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders

The World of the Autistic Child: Understanding and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders by Bryna Siegel. (XAB Siege 1996) This book is about gaining an understanding of the diagnosis of autism, the available treatments, and how to decide what is best for a particular child with autism or PDD. Pp. 368. If available, this can be checked out from the […]

Everyday Solutions

Everyday Solutions  by Mindy Small. (XFM Small 2003) A comprehensive resource which offers parents and other caregivers practical and effective approaches to solving the puzzles of daily living with autism from dressing, toileting, and eating, to going to the playground, visiting the dentist, getting used to a new baby, and many more. Pp. 120. If available, this can […]

Understanding Autism for DUMMIES

Understanding Autism for DUMMIES by Stephen Shore and Linda Rastelli. (XAB shore 2006) This is a guide that explains the symptoms of autism, how it’s diagnosed, and the current options for treatment. The reader will get helpful information on the latest in genetic and biomedical research as well as coverage of special-needs financial planning, legal rights for education, and more. […]

The Autism Source Book

The Autism Source Book by Karen Siff Exkorn. (XAB Exkor 2005) This book contains information on the diagnosis and treatment of autism. It includes practical advice and information from the world’s foremost experts on autism and includes a mother’s own lessons learned from helping her son with the challenges of the disorder. Pp. 386. If available, this can be […]