Autism in Adolescents and Adults

Autism in Adolescents and AdultsAutism in Adolescents and Adults (Current Issues in Autism)  by Eric Schopler and Gary B. Mesibov.

(XAT Schop 1983)

The chapters were written by contributing authors who are distinguished experts in the field, and the book addresses a variety of issues pertaining to ASD in adolescents and adults. Topics include: an overview of ASD in adolescence and adulthood; the individual needs of adolescents and adults with ASD, including communication, education, recreation, vocational, and medical needs; family perspectives, including family needs, stress and coping, parental perspectives, and legal issues; and well-established social and community programs for adolescents and adults with ASD. Pp. 456.

If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

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