Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself

This girl is just amazing.  What an advocate.  You can listen to a little of her story here.

Four Steps of Communication with Michelle Garcia Winner

Michelle Garcia Winner (she is the person behind “Social Thinking”) and a young man on the autism spectrum teach us about social communication.


Neurotypical is a documentary from the perspective of individuals with autism discussing what they think about individuals without autism.  We’ve included the preview of the 50 minute documentary, but you can stream the entire film.

TED talk from Ami Klin

Ami Klin (an award winning researcher in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder) discusses how autism develops and how autism might be diagnosed in the future.

Rosie Explains Autism

In this video (from the BBC) Rosie explains what autism means to her as a person diagnosed with Asperger’s and a big sister to a boy with more severe autism.  This video really highlights the autism spectrum and discusses the challenges associated with autism from the child’s point of view.