Something Different About Dad: How to Live With Your Asperger’s Parent

something different about dadSomething Different About Dad: How to Live With Your Asperger’s Parent by John Swogger.

XBM Evans 2011

Growing up with a parent on the autistic spectrum can be difficult, and children may often feel confused and worried by the fact that their parent is different thanothers. This positive book takes an honest look at how Asperger’s Syndrome can affect a family when a parent is on the spectrum, and reassures young people that it’s ok to have a parent who is different. Following the story of Sophie and Daniel whose dad, Mark, has Asperger Syndrome, the book reveals the family’s journey from initial diagnosis to gradual acceptance of the fact that there is something different about Dad. Sophie and Daniel learn the reasons behind their dad’s problems with communication, his social and emotional difficulties, and the issues caused by his inflexibility of thought, sensory and motor skills, and anxiety. They also come to recognize his positive attributes, including his loyalty, punctuality, and his ability to help with homework. The warm, funny story emphasizes how love within a family can overcome all difficulties, looking at sensitive issues in a lighthearted, yet reassuring manner.

If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

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