What is Extended School Year?

Extended School Year (ESY) is a legal term that refers to services provided by your school district when school is not regularly in session.  The discussion about whether or not ESY is needed should happen at the annual IEP meeting.  Learn more about what ESY is here.

  • If you think a child needs ESY start preparing early.  You’ll need documentation to support the claim and this can take a while to pull together.
  • Many school districts only focus on “regression-recruitment”.  All children regress over breaks, but for children with disabilities, this regression could be much more pronounced.  Although this is an important criteria for ESY it should NOT BE THE ONLY criteria.  You can learn more about other criteria here.
  • Advocating for ESY can be contentious.  This website provides many advocacy strategies.

This is the most recent documentation we have from Champaign Unit 4 schools regarding ESY.  If you have more up to date communication or information from other districts, please contact us.

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