What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a term used to describe a clustering of specific traits.  In the past, these traits have been referred to as autism and Asperger’s among other names.  These traits have to do with difficulties with social communication and repetitive behaviors.  The term spectrum is part of the name, because although ASD is characterized by a particular set of traits,  it can look really different in different people.  We don’t know what causes ASD, but we do know that there are genetic and environmental components that create differences in how people with ASD brains work.  Our society sometimes has a difficult time accommodating people who work differently so individuals with ASD (and their families) can benefit from interventions to help them speak, learn, play, and work as independently and successfully as possible.


The Autism Program is dedicated to helping connect individuals with ASD with the resources that they need and teaching the community about ASD.

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