The Incredible 5 Point Scale

five point scaleThe Incredible 5 Point Scale  by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis.

(XBM Buron 2005 DVD)

In this DVD, the authors share their successful use of the simple concept of 5-point scales to help students understand and control their emotional reactions to everyday events that might otherwise set in emotion escalating reactions. Whether it is inappropriate touching, obsessions, yelling, hitting or making hurtful statements to classmates, this clearly illustrated video shows how to break down a given behavior and, with the student’s active participation, develop a unique scale that identifies the problem and, just as important, suggests alternative, positive behaviors at each level of the scale. 22 min.

If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

A Mind Apart

a mind apartA Mind Apart by Peter Szatmari.

(XAB Szatm 2004)


The author shows that children with autism spectrum disorders act the way they do because they think in vastly different ways than other people. Dr. Szatmari shares the compelling stories of children he has treated who hear everyday conversation like a foreign language or experience hugs like the clamp of a vise. Understanding this unusual inner world-and appreciating the unique strengths that thinking differently can bestow-will help parents relate to their children more meaningfully, and make the “outer world” a less scary place. Pp. 210.

If available, this can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.