Mythbusters: Truths and Lies about Autism

Originally streamed on April 7, 2020.

What is autism anyway? What should I expect when I meet someone who is on the autism spectrum? Do I seek a diagnosis? Should we tell anyone? Does it look the same in boys versus girls? Families, friends, coworkers, employers- come and get all your questions answers as we set the record straight about the issues surrounding autism.

Expert Panel: Amy Cohen, PhD, Director of Psychology Services; Noa Hannah, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, BCBA and Speech Language Pathologist: Barbara T. Doyle, MS Autism Consultant; Linda Tortorelli, Director of The Autism Program at University of Illinois.
Presenters: Jeanne Kramer, SLP and TAP Resource Specialist and Hena Thakur, M.S. and doctoral candidate in psychology.

Watch the presentation at:

Please note that due to a technical glitch, the recording begins several minutes into the presentation.