Fitting in and Having Fun Volume 4

fitting in and having funFitting in and Having Fun Volume 4

XSS Fitti 2013

This video modeling DVD follows a teen named Jon as he learns to navigate high school by becoming more aware of the unspoken rules his teachers and peers expect him to know. The DVD includes the TD Social Skills exclusive “What they’re thinking” insight windows to help students realize the impact of their behavior on others. Actual high school peer mentors who offer advice on how to solve teen problems are also featured. “Springboard to discussion” questions explore each topic further to help students to better understand and improve social exchanges. The social situations reviewed are: Getting Organized, Classroom Protocol, Sharing Conversations, Staying Calm to Problem-Solve, Showing Empathy, Manners Count, Dealing With Stress, Embarrassing Situations, and Falling Head Over Heels.

If available, item can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

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