Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis and Assessment  by the California Department of Developmental Services.

(XAB ASD 2002)
Based on validated scientific evidence, clinical experience and clinical judgment, the Guidelines provides professionals, policymakers, parents and other stakeholders with detailed “best practice” recommendations and rationale for screening, evaluating and assessing individuals suspected of having autistic spectrum disorders. Pp. 183.

If available, this can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

One thought on “Autistic Spectrum Disorders

  1. I am needing to have my 11 year old son assessed, his counselor recommended he does to see where he is at for his age. I had him screened and assessed when he was around 3 or 4 and now we feel like it is necessary to have it done again. If you can help me out with this please contact me via e-mail. Thank You


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